Meet Her

She is a wanna-be blogger.Not typically a writer just a freelance thinker. Can create surreal thoughts but picturesquely expressive.

She really loves to travel but have no guts to do it alone (and quite thinking of it as an expensive hobby), nevertheless she often does if time, budget (and parents) would allow her.

Loves so much to eat everything sweet and spice. Hence, she’s a basic cook.

A profound music lover. Adopts all genres except metal/hard rock (it hurts her ears).

She likes to paint her face and nails ‘coz to her it’s a bit of an achievement for every damsels like her.


WARNING:  Please, please be considerate enough if you are wanting to read my blogs since I only write because I want to. And because I’m trying to explore in expressing myself. THANK YOU!!! ❤ hehe..


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